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It seems like it hasn't been that long since we've opened staff applications, but it's also felt like an eternity. Staff Applications are open once again! Due to Byzo having things going on in real life, and we only have 5 staff members with him, the staff feels as if it is time for us to open staff applications once more. There are, however, rules to applying and you must read them before applying. Click here for more information.

Now then, another thing, please please please do not try to cheat the applications system. I've tried and it did not turn out well at all. Also, if you do get Trial-Mod, congrats, but if you don't, please try again next time! I'm sorry if you don't pass, but please don't get upset and think we hate you and are out to get you. Just improve and try again next time.

To get to the Staff Applications section:


To view the staff process which is a tiny bit outdated:


Once again, the rules and requirements to applying:


Have fun applying!


Darkcrest Staff Team

star2wars3 AdminRetired Staff apps currently closed btw.

'Hacker' caught and fully dealt with.

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted May 17, 17

So, for me, this will be a hard thing to talk about and emotion post considering recent events and also the person who 'hacked'. As I thought, no one really hacked anything nor really exploited glitches. Before I explain who and why and how I'd first like to say the 'hacker' has been banned on his main account, alt accounts, banned on the website, and more.

The 'hacker' is Stupifying, a former staff member. How long he has been planning this, I have no idea. Let me just say he was sadly in the position where he'd never be noticed until the second attack and not dealt with until after everything. Stup said he did it because he was bored and he wanted something interesting to do. He apparently hated all of the staff, players, and the server in general.

This is not the only thing that he has done either, the staff hadn't been keeping it hush hush but we haven't really been talking about it. If anyone was on during Arotan's application and trial period, the who 'kys' thing that happened was done by stup. It has been months since this has happened though and Arotan is one of our most active and polite and helpful staff members at the moment so it's dealt with. 

I don't know about other people, but this saddens me deeply. He wasn't only someone I considered my friend but was someone who helped me through a messed up point in my life. He never hacked into any accounts, and he abused the Enjin Rank Sync in order to ban us staff. From what it seems, he'll never be coming back but he'll return and eventually talk with some people he found as more of friends than others. I'm just sad that this happened when I was also dealing with things like finals and planning for ACT and College and the rest of my summer.

I want to believe this didn't happen but this just gives me more of a reason to be sad and mad. Stup, if you can read this I don't understand why and I'll miss you. Whether you hated me or not, I'll miss you more than you know. You helped me with a lot. 

I'm sad this is so sudden, but he's been banned IP-wise, and username-wise. Also because of this whole thing, we've got three new things for staff to know if anyone is 'hacking', although we haven't tested the system. 

The first thing is a new security system which you might have known that says "[Darkcrest Admin]" when a staff member join. This is custom made by me with Skript which bans anyone who is not on the list for having permissions like * and OP. This way, staff also can't give anything to anyone or that person will be banned.

The second thing is a VPN Guard. Basically, unless someone has the exact bypass permissions, they cannot join the server with a proxy or VPN. I understand a lot of people have VPNs for security or join through a proxy so their computer can't be directly harmed if 'hacked' through their IvP4 address. There will be a forum just for VPN bypass applications and no one will be allowed to see it except staff. This way we'll have an exact list for people to join. View the VPN/Proxy Bypass Application Format by clicking here.

The third thing is NoCheatPlus has been added back and will be updated by one of our former staff members along with a non-staff member who will help us with the 'hacking' problem and with hacked clients. This will hopefully work with bending once we have the plugin finished and installed.

This has been an emotional post and a good one considering our new systems, but oh well. That's life.


Darkcrest Staff Team

CloudySky1010 EliteNovice yo i remember stup, i thought he was a pretty cool guy, this is pretty surprising.
x_Mirajane_x Helper
x_Mirajane_x @ DarkCrest Dedi
He came back a few days ago actually but Arotan banned him
SpiralOfGames That's cool how Stupifying was able to get into the server staff and hack it easily without being caught right away...

Something happened...

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Apr 30, 17

So basically when I woke up today I got a ton of notifications saying Jackson get on, Jackson something happened. Basically a player, whom of which I will not name, has 'hacked' the server. He gave himself OP and the Owner rank then started to delete things of ours like worlds and factions and ranks.

Currently I have the worlds fixed, staff and artists are making things to make up for the lost shops, spawns, and more. I have everyone's ranks saved who had their rank synced with the website. Donators I know are 100% accurate (Elite, VIP, Noble, Donator, Donator+, and Avatars). The Factions that were removed will be reimbursed (keep in mind I have logs so I will be checking), but I don't know which ones were lost. 

The server is currently whitelisted as a vast majority of y'all can tell by the threads you're making about it. I'm sorry this has happened but let me answer some things that you might have questions about:

  1. Are our homes lost?! If you had a home in the normal worlds: The Survival World, The Nether, and The End, they are not lost. If you had a home in any other world, they are as good as lost.
  2. Are our balances reset? No they were not.
  3. Are the arenas gone? No actually they weren't. Thanks to Arena Manager, they were all saved and loaded in when we recreated the staff world. *Thanks Jedk1*
  4. What happened to the new shop? Well the shop was originally from a schematic from my old server, so it's saved but we have to do a lot of editing to it like we did before we released it. It will be back and in better condition.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns please post them in the comments section so we can discuss them.

I'm sorry this had to happen guys, I don't know when the server will be unwhitelisted, but I'm hoping it's within a day or two. In the meantime feel free to play forum games or make threads getting to know each other or just talk to each other on skype or in the Enjin Chat for Darkcrest. It's up to you, but take this time to take a break while we fix the server for you!


Darkcrest Staff Team

ArcticAssassin VIP
ArcticAssassin @ DarkCrest Dedi
Is it up yet???????
spyfire2000 Thank you for answering our questions. I just want to ask: at an estimate, how long will this take? I understand if you ...
BloodRedSky VIP This is a crappy way to spend a Sunday :/ How did you guys get him off the serv?

Creative World is Now Open!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Apr 22, 17

So awhile ago I sent mail to everyone saying that the CreativeWorld was open and people could access it, but that wasn't exatly the case shortly after I sent that to everyone. I finally though have fixed the skript and now every Noble, VIP, Elite, Artist, and Staff member can get to the creative world, and we might enable it for Donator and/or Donator+ as well! However, there are some rules...


  1. No griefing is allowed in the Creative World, there is however griefing allowed in any other world.
  2. You are not allowed to teleport anyone here unless they are Noble, VIP, Elite, Artist, or Staff.
  3. Have fun and use your imagination!

To get there do any command that you normally use to go into creative, even Nobles. It will teleport you to the Creative World spawn in Creative mode, unless of course you are of the Noble rank, then it will send you there, but in survival (you can still use /fly). If you are an artist or a staff member, there is a seperate way to get into the Creative World, that of which I will send you over Slack or mail.

Once you're there, there is no way out! Muahahahaha... Except there is always a way out of every situation! To leave the Creative World, simply use whatever command you normally use to get into adventure mode or survival. It will teleport you to the Faction World spawn and will put you in survival mode. Once again artists and staff, if you would like to leave the Creative World there is a different way to do so I'll message you guys in Slack or in game using /mail.

If you find any bugs at all with Creative Worlds or you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, pease use /mail send Jacksonnn in-game, shoot me a pm on enjin, skype me if you have it, or create a thread on the forums!


Noble Raffle Winners

sehunpark AOwner posted Apr 16, 17

Wow it's been a long time since we've done this raffle. This is why we will have three players who will win VIP and seven players who will win Noble for a total of ten winners! In order to claim your prize, please leave a comment below.

  • VIP Winners:
    • Enjin user: Meg
    • Enjin user: ☭steelin☭
  • Noble Winners:
    • Enjin user: OmegaWerewolf
    • Ichigo14
    • Enjin user: Lord_Of_calamity
    • MinecraftFun124
    • Enjin user: Troy
    • SansTheChara
    • _Lucasrebel_

Those who already have this rank or higher, may request points instead or gift it to another player.

_Lucasrebel_ Noble Yaay i got Noble :DD
MinecraftFun124 VIPWiki Team Yay, I will get a prize!
MinecraftFun124 VIPWiki Team Yay! Well done everyone!
Morqhine Novice  registered to Darkcrest Bending Server
ArcticAssassin VIP  created a new thread Top Monthly Voter in the General Discussion forum
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