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Discord Server

Jacksonnn AOwner posted Sep 3, 17

Please join our discord server, link: https://discord.gg/bW975TE

-Darkcrest Staff Team

IP "not working"

Jacksonnn AOwner posted Feb 24, 18

The IP darkcrest.cf.gs is not working at the moment and I am taking care of the problem as we speak, but I don't know how long this will take to fix. For now, please use the following IP address instead:



Both of them work so it is up to you which one to choose. Please keep a lookout for the darkcrest.cf.gs IP to be fixed, thank you!


We need your help!

Jacksonnn AOwner posted Feb 14, 18

Hello all,

The Darkcrest Staff Team needs help. We want help your help by voting, joining our discord, inviting people into the server, and suggesting new things.

I know in the past, we've asked for suggestions and either denied all of them or we were too busy to work on them. This time is different. I want your suggestions! Please help suggest your suggestions for the server on our discord server. We, the Darkcrest Staff Team want to know what everyone wants to see within the server. Having you join our discord is very important to us as well considering we post more frequent updates on there than on the website and it gets you interacting with the rest of the Darkcrest community and family. 

Voting is one of the ways players can help us the most! As a player, you can vote and get anything worth points in the shop, such as noble raffles, color chat, format chat, and more. Soon to come, you will also be able to get voter crates with rewards in-game. The Noble Raffle is also coming back as soon as we get more players playing on the actual server, which is another thing that voting can help with, it brings new (or returning) players onto the server.

We love our community with all of our hearts and we want to see Darkcrest grow once again. Please help us, I promise we will install suggestions and work on the server as much as we can!

"The whole Darkcrest staff team says 'Thank you'."


Darkcrest Staff Team

P.S. OUR DISCORD SERVER IS: https://discord.gg/bW975TE

TRELLO BOARD FOR SUGGESTIONS: https://trello.com/b/iuZ6ZX3y

Dex_Save Head-Mod uh and I guess if I'm joining the discord it'll be obvious by my name, so might as well say it here 1st. I...
Dex_Save Head-Mod Glad to hear you're inputting vote crates! They're a great addition to servers!

Heads Up! World is being reset!

Jacksonnn AOwner posted Dec 9, 17

Hello all,

The world is going to be reset tomorrow, December 10th, 2017. The server will be whitelisted from 11 AM PST (1 PM EST) until we are done with the map reset, which is estimated to be about 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST (4 PM - 5 PM EST). Things that will be happening in this map reset include:

  • resetting the map size to default so the map is bigger;
  • uninstalling and reinstalling Bending so that it is more balanced and hopefully works better;
  • adding Slimefun add-ons;
  • reinstalling Towny and configuring it the RIGHT WAY this time;
  • resetting Essentials data, this means EVERYTHING. Balances, nicknames, etc.;
  • reconfiguring TownyChat which adds new channels;
  • reinstalling CoreProtect and WorldEdit to reset the configs and saved data and
  • creating a new spawn, at least a temporary spawn for the time being so that the server doesn't go into a two week whitelist.

This time, we are guiding our plans through a Trello board which you can all see. This allows you to see what we have and have not done yet.  Remember that WE WANT YOUR INPUT and SUGGESTIONS.  Sadly Magic will not be happening as it is too big of a major change. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do tell us on the forums or in a support ticket. If you're on before the whitelist starts, I ask that you mail me (IGN is Jacksonnn) anything you might want to suggest or question.

LINK TO TRELLO BOARD: https://trello.com/b/A7SjQvz8

Thank you for reading,


Darkcrest Staff Team

I would also like to congratulate the following people:

Luke and Mel on Moderator and Lgead and Quasar on Trial-Mod

YT_Spyfire2000 VIP I read this and immediately got onto darkcrest because the time was 5:00 PM for me and then realized that due to the dif...

Announcement: Helper Results!

Byzo ACo-Owner posted Nov 9, 17

Hey DarkCrest!

Please join me and the DarkCrest staff team to congratulate these wonderful individuals on passing their staff trial periods!

LukeTheGamer13 and AlexFierro_

As you know, you will not be assigned a mentor as a Helper. This is for us to see how well you perform on your own, in the next step to fulfil your position as a Moderator. You are on your own! But I know you guys will do great! You will be a Helper for around 4 weeks, a month, or even less, depending on how you are doing! Remember, if you ever have any questions, don't be afraid to seek help from myself or the staff team! We're here for you! Again, congratulations, we are all really looking forward to seeing you grow as staff members! Good luck!

Yours Truly,


BloodRedSky Elite Ayy Congrats Luke
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