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New IP

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted 23 hours ago

Darkcrest is back. Sehun hasn't been responding to Slack so I took matters into my own hands and am giving the direct IP, which will not always work and hopefully will change back to darkcrest.cf.gs.


Sorry for the long wait,


Darkcrest Staff Team

What happened to the server?

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Aug 14, 17

This is a bit of a long story, except not totally. The server has "been down" while I've been away for a week or two, and no one could connect. Well... that's not totally correct. The server has been up the whole entire time I've been away. The IP darkcrest.cf.gs that you guys use to connect has been down though. I've contacted Sehun about it and he hopefully is looking into it. On the note of the IP we have not working, at one point in time when we switched to becoming a dedicated server almost a year ago, we have a bunch of IPs that worked for connecting to the new dedicated server. If you by chance connect to Darkcrest using a different IP, please please please comment it down in the IP(s) that you use in order to join the server. This will help so much in bringing the server up to the public. 

In the meantime, I'll be looking into IPs that we can use publicly that work like darkcrest.cf.gs does. Soon, expect an IP of some kind to work to connect to the server. Sorry for my absence and the absence of a lot of other staff. I had to really focus on personal life with school starting and me having other commitments that will not be a problem anymore. Darkcrest will be back in no time!

Thanks for reading,


Darkcrest Staff Team

EwDerpy Noble darkcrest.cf.gs:255(something here that I dont know because I don't use this IP anymore)65
Jacksonnn ACo-Owner That's what I want to know.
TheSuperSmashBro VIP I'm confused, do any of the ip's work right now?

Big Announcement!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Jul 12, 17

So I was delaying this post until tomorrow or Friday when I had more time to write this, but it seems that I was forced to expedite the time. Here are the big announcements:

  • We are getting Towny Back!
  • We are getting new arenas and everything made by our Artists Lgead, Gab, Solo, iStrqker, and Toadie1001!

We're requesting that if anyone has any suggestions as to what we can add to ranks to make them more worthwhile or any suggestions that'd be fun for regular gameplay to make a thread in Plugin Requests or General. That way we notice them more and it keeps the server forum organized even more!

So as I said I was forced to expedite the time of me making this post. There is going to be a whitelist that will happen July 22nd and 23rd. That means that the server will be whitelisted those two days so that we can give you guys the best builds that our hardworking artists will be making and some of our staff will be undergoing training and we will be discussing many things during this time to improve the server's lag, playerbase, plugin directory, and more. 

There isn't really anything else except please vote for the server as much as you can! I cannot stress this enough. I feel as if part of the reason some people think the server is boring is because of the lack of players constantly on the server. If you guys vote we get more players and that means more of you can help us out since you all know the ropes of the server. Thanks very much for being the people you are, I don't know what I'd do without this community always there for me and for other players/donators/staff members. 

On behalf of the staff team, I thank you all for being truly awesome and truly yourselves,


Darkcrest Staff Team

TheSuperSmashBro VIP I can't make a town, HELP ME!
Xguy10 Jackson as you are a staff member i'm wondering if you can look in to why I'm not white listed
God_of_Monsters VIP I'm glad towny comes back, which was wished by most players, since we realise that if we keep raiding, we keep doin...

It seems like it hasn't been that long since we've opened staff applications, but it's also felt like an eternity. Staff Applications are open once again! Due to Byzo having things going on in real life, and we only have 5 staff members with him, the staff feels as if it is time for us to open staff applications once more. There are, however, rules to applying and you must read them before applying. Click here for more information.

Now then, another thing, please please please do not try to cheat the applications system. I've tried and it did not turn out well at all. Also, if you do get Trial-Mod, congrats, but if you don't, please try again next time! I'm sorry if you don't pass, but please don't get upset and think we hate you and are out to get you. Just improve and try again next time.

To get to the Staff Applications section:


To view the staff process which is a tiny bit outdated:


Once again, the rules and requirements to applying:


Have fun applying!


Darkcrest Staff Team

EDIT: Staff applications are closed.

MinecraftFun124 VIPWiki Team Geooo what do you mean with that?
Geooo Elite PLEASE be careful who you accept.
star2wars3 AdminRetired Staff apps currently closed btw.

'Hacker' caught and fully dealt with.

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted May 17, 17

So, for me, this will be a hard thing to talk about and emotion post considering recent events and also the person who 'hacked'. As I thought, no one really hacked anything nor really exploited glitches. Before I explain who and why and how I'd first like to say the 'hacker' has been banned on his main account, alt accounts, banned on the website, and more.

The 'hacker' is Stupifying, a former staff member. How long he has been planning this, I have no idea. Let me just say he was sadly in the position where he'd never be noticed until the second attack and not dealt with until after everything. Stup said he did it because he was bored and he wanted something interesting to do. He apparently hated all of the staff, players, and the server in general.

This is not the only thing that he has done either, the staff hadn't been keeping it hush hush but we haven't really been talking about it. If anyone was on during Arotan's application and trial period, the who 'kys' thing that happened was done by stup. It has been months since this has happened though and Arotan is one of our most active and polite and helpful staff members at the moment so it's dealt with. 

I don't know about other people, but this saddens me deeply. He wasn't only someone I considered my friend but was someone who helped me through a messed up point in my life. He never hacked into any accounts, and he abused the Enjin Rank Sync in order to ban us staff. From what it seems, he'll never be coming back but he'll return and eventually talk with some people he found as more of friends than others. I'm just sad that this happened when I was also dealing with things like finals and planning for ACT and College and the rest of my summer.

I want to believe this didn't happen but this just gives me more of a reason to be sad and mad. Stup, if you can read this I don't understand why and I'll miss you. Whether you hated me or not, I'll miss you more than you know. You helped me with a lot. 

I'm sad this is so sudden, but he's been banned IP-wise, and username-wise. Also because of this whole thing, we've got three new things for staff to know if anyone is 'hacking', although we haven't tested the system. 

The first thing is a new security system which you might have known that says "[Darkcrest Admin]" when a staff member join. This is custom made by me with Skript which bans anyone who is not on the list for having permissions like * and OP. This way, staff also can't give anything to anyone or that person will be banned.

The second thing is a VPN Guard. Basically, unless someone has the exact bypass permissions, they cannot join the server with a proxy or VPN. I understand a lot of people have VPNs for security or join through a proxy so their computer can't be directly harmed if 'hacked' through their IvP4 address. There will be a forum just for VPN bypass applications and no one will be allowed to see it except staff. This way we'll have an exact list for people to join. View the VPN/Proxy Bypass Application Format by clicking here.

The third thing is NoCheatPlus has been added back and will be updated by one of our former staff members along with a non-staff member who will help us with the 'hacking' problem and with hacked clients. This will hopefully work with bending once we have the plugin finished and installed.

This has been an emotional post and a good one considering our new systems, but oh well. That's life.


Darkcrest Staff Team

Xguy10 And if I could I would like my avatar status back if I'm allowed
Xguy10 Why did it have to be one of my friends
CloudySky1010 EliteNovice yo i remember stup, i thought he was a pretty cool guy, this is pretty surprising.
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