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We're backkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Feb 20, 17

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! WE'RE BACK! After almost two weeks, Darkcrest Bending Server is finally back!

We've been whitelisted making things, adding things, and changing things around for you guys, and here are some of the changes:

  • New World
  • New Spawn
  • GUI Shop
  • New Ranks
  • Permissions for bending moved around (Will be put in a seperate thread along with rank permissions)
  • Full Factions (Rules should be at spawn, /rules is outdated!)
  • Staff Rearrangement - Husky and Star resigned, Candy is Helper, Gab is Head-Mod, Gir is Head-Admin.
  • Bending updated to v1.8.3

Please keep in mind whilst joining the server, there might be things added within the first week or so. Maybe VoterPoints working with VoteCrates in the first week or so?!?!?!?!?!

Anyways, the server is unwhitelisted, lots of exciting changes, and please don't forget to vote for the server!

ArcticAssassin Specialist I like this website better than the "new" one..

Unexpected Downtime - Explanation!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Feb 8, 17
Alrighty, so as many of you know, the server has been down. This was unexpected and we did not know this would had happened. Therefore, there is a temporary server in place. Will this be our new server, I don't know. At the moment if you try to access darkcrest, you will join the new server that is temporarily there. 

At the moment the server is whitelisted so staff can build. I do not have access to files and console at the time of me posting this, so if the server crashes I will not be able to bring it up. That means don't let it crash! I will be announcing when it is open for everyone to join once it is unwhitelisted, hopefully it doesn't take too long though.
Thanks for reading,
Darkcrest Staff Team

Server Downtime

sehunpark AOwner posted Jan 7, 17

We apologize for server downtime, but it seems that our current host is intent on not answering phone calls or support tickets and is threatening us to pay additional money by shutting down our server. Do not worry for now as this is not the end of DarkCrest. A new server from a different host has already been purchased and is being set up. It is expected to come back up sometime late tomorrow. The server is currently undergoing maintenance. We thank you for your patience and support. Server is up.

dkjm Elite :(
coolman20068 Lotus Thanks for telling all of us. Hope the server is up soon!!!
i2ebel Artist Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming! Hope to see you after maintenance!

Your Holiday Present!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Dec 25, 16

Alrighty, so here is your Holiday present: Darkcrest Website! AT THE MOMENT, the website is not hooked up to the website via ranking and shizzles. For now, we will be using Enjin for the shop. At the moment, you CAN vote and I'll put up those voter links. Soon enough, when I get it fully working, I will be using a Skript I made called 'VoterPoints' where you vote and you get points on the server and you use those points and soon you might be able to even transfer points, we may never know.

Anyways, keep in mind the website is sort of in a BETA, so please make threads on that website!

LINK TO THE FORUMS: http://darkcrestmc.com.

Happy Holidays from the Staff Team, and I would like to congratulate HuskyWaffles on become Admin, and Lgead on becoming Admin (I forget if we announced him or not)!

MinecraftFun124 I am so excited for the new website. Also, I am waiting to register to the new one, because I can't at the moment. ...

Announcements: Winter Break? :o

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Dec 19, 16

Hey all,

So I don't know about you guys, but I'm off for Winter Break, some of you might be at the end of the week if not already, but in light of the holidays coming up, we have brought back the Boat Race for a Limited Amount of time! We hope that you guys use it and enjoy it.

I haven't exactly been posting too much recently compared to when I first got access to post, but there are some things going on that you might want to know about.

At the moment there are 10 staff members, including Sehun. We used to have about 14. What happened? Well all of our admins are inactive or have quit. I would like to thank our admins very much for the work they've done on Darkcrest and that we will greatly miss them until they return.

KJeremiah (OceanJasper) - Still Admin but not counted as staff because of inactivity. He is currently without internet as I understand it, so we will be excited for his return!

Solodkist - Solo has been inactive and has not as of yet been demoted, but we have not heard from him in weeks. We greatly miss him.

XsiiXbrian (Roxas) - Roxas quit due to personal reasons, and we miss him very much.

Stupifying - Stupifying quit because of personal reasons and has he said in his post, he is no longer staff.

So does this mean that we will be opening staff applications soon? I don't know at the moment. All I know is that we're trying to take in why these people have quit, and what we can do to make Darkcrest better for everyone.

We have a new arena! The CrystalCatacombs Arena was built by HuskyWaffles and Benezzo, two of our Moderators and Artist Team members. This arena has not yet been set up to be released, we still need to work on some functions lie getting to the arena. Otherwise this is one of our many Holiday Presents to you!

In lieu of the new Arena, I have made a new way to get to the arenas, which will very soon have to be used to get to an arena. /arenas will give you all of the arenas and how to get to the arenas. Doing /arena (arena name) will display the rules of the arena and then will teleport you to the arena spawn where the rules are there for you once again.

Now, one of our other many holiday presents we are giving to you is a new website! This website has done it's job and I'll say a rather good one. Even though I like enjin, I personally have been trying to get a new website that we can customize a lot more than Enjin. I won't tell you the link to the website just yet beause we are still working on things, but it will be released by December 24th, 2016. We have been working on this website since October 8th. I would like to give a special thanks to Solodkist because without him, this website currently would not be possible. He is currently paying for this website, even if he is gone.

Without further ado, here are the screenshots:


Thanks for reading and remember, stop the petty arguements and the hate!


MinecraftFun124 XsiiXbrian (Roxas) : You have taught us so much... Your opinions where always so good to hear.. Thank you for every sing...
Arotan Head-Mod The new website looks amazing. I look forward to use it soon with everyone, sad to hear so many staff quit but also a ne...
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