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Artist Applications Open!

Jacksonnn AAdmin posted Mon at 6:26

Hello all, 

I'm back with another announcement! This time around, the Artist Applications are open, and Head-Artist/Moderator Lgead has something to say about the Artist Applications.

Hello! Artist Applications are open again! There has been a change in how the artist team will run -- staff will now be screened before they build, but will not take up artist spots. That means there are 6 aditional spots open! Apply on the forums and just have fun with it. Be creative! Hope to see you on the Artist Team!

Head-Artist/Moderator, Lgead

That means that the Artist Applications are opened, and Staff can technically be Artists, but will not take up a spot. Anyways, Good Luck!


Server no longer whitelisted!

Jacksonnn AAdmin posted Fri at 11:52

The server is no longer whitelisted and you'll see many changes and additions! The most notable are the things recently added that are on the wiki, which will be visible very soon! Anyways, have a great day everyone!


Celtican Merchant Nothing I can say can describe my joy (Trust me, I've tried)

Whitelist Extended

Jacksonnn AAdmin posted Aug 20, 16

I'm sorry to say, because most of you don't want to hear this, but the whitelist has been extended until later in the week. We're working on a new spawn for you guys and more things for you guys! It wouldn't have had been done by 10 pm EST. Sorry, but this should be one of the last whitelist days for awhile.


coachhedge will it take much longer? i love this server and i am anticipated for the end of its whitelist. :) also i want to go bac...
lmanb Oh yeah will we keep the current bending pluggin?
lmanb Wait i have a question does this mean that it will wipe the bending abilities from our character?

The whitelist has begun!

Jacksonnn AAdmin posted Aug 20, 16

As stated in my previous post, we are currently going to be whitelisted from 12:30 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST today. I am excited to say that is has begun! We're currenlty installing plugins, editing plugins, and removing plugins from the server at the moment and soon it'll be the building stage for artists to build! Anyways, see you guys tonight!


Jadencandy Citizen its been almost 45 mins since 10, problems?
anildk Are you almost done with the updates? I really want to continue my huge BENDING ADVENTURE
BirXIII Merchant I was just about to ask why I wasn't whitelisted xD glad i saw the post

Sooo, I guess I'm resigning?

ropeit AElite posted Aug 14, 16

So, I'm resigning as Co-Owner. Most of you probably don't know who I am since I've been super inactive but the older players probably will. Been on this server a couple of years but now I just don't find minecraft fun, I've out grown it so I'm resigning. I'm not one for making big over dramatical and emotional speeches so I'll just leave it at that. I'll probably still be around here and there, make the occasional appearence on the server so ya know. See ya.

BirXIII Merchant Ive never heard of you, but I hate to hear you're resigning.
Darkermoon EliteBaronWiki Team I'd you give a warm goodbye but my heart is always cold. (Have fun )
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