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Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Fri at 19:13

Hey all,

It's Jackson once again. Today I have some great news and some not so great news. I guess we will get started with the not so great news to get it over with. Blaithnaid, one of our ex-staff members has been demoted due to inactivity. He's fine, he's accepted it, but we want you all to know he will be missed and he will miss you guys. But you never know, he could come back and be active and become staff again. Hopefully he will come back to the staff team!

Here is the good news. Rustiix and Byzo/Wiish passed their trials! They are now Helpers for a month and the next batch of trials is still being decided upon. Another bit of bad news, Akiro_ did not pass his trial. He has accepted it as well and he will be trying for staff again soon. We've talked to him, given him our advice, and he will be ready next time!

Alrighty, that's all for today!



JeffyDaKilla VIP Blaith Ily man, you where one of le best. Cya around the server bud! <3
MisterDeath Gov. Officia Blaith, if you're reading this, I want to thak you for making this server what it is. You were my favourite mod, ev...

Hey guys, 

It's Jackson. Anyways, I've got a couple of announcements for you today:

First, let's start it off by saying Arenas are back! We will more than likely get new arenas, but keep the Sozin's Comet Arena becuase Gir did such a good job on it and took his sweet time for us so that we could use it. Either way, PvP in the All Arena or Bend in the SCArena!

Speaking of Bending, on Project Korra's GitHub, they have fully updated to 1.9.x by updating the sounds and a couple of other things needed to be functional on 1.9. That means that we get to use it before it is out! As of me writing this, the bending jar is being uploaded to the server. I can't wait, and I want you guys to try it out and tell me what is wrong with it and what is fixed with it.

I would also like to annouce the promotion of our new Head-Mod, Moderator, and our Trial-Mods!

Head-Mod: Stupifying

Moderator: XsiikXbrian (even though it's a month late, and everyone knows you, we never welcomed you on the forums. Sorry Roxas xD)

Trial-Mod: Rustiix

Trial-Mod: Akiro_

Trial-Mod: Byzo

And even though these people were promoted to their respective staff rankings,  I would like to tell you guys some of the staff who have been demoted, or who have retired. I thank these staff members for the time they gave to the server, and for the memories we will all cherish.

Moderator: Kittial

Moderator: Reddyboy22

Moderator: NeoFalcon

The Community of Darkcrest and the Staff of Darkcrest wish you all good luck in life, and want to let you know, you're sincerely missed.

That's all for today's announcements. Have a good Monday and the rest of the week!


Arotan VIP i am active every day... soo any more is a bit to much. every since i applied for staff i have been online every day. (e...
MinecraftFun124 Merchant
MinecraftFun124 @ DarkCrest Dedi
Congratulations guys! Good luck : Rustiix, Byzo and Akiro_
Arotan VIP wow really? thank you so much

Noble Raffle Winners

sehunpark AOwner posted Sep 12, 16

Congratulations to the Noble Raffle winners! Prizes will automatically be awarded to you.

1. Zaloon

2. CollindaHydro

3. Alecazam2005

4. mknexus8

I felt generous this time and decided to award four players. Thank you all for voting! Keep it up :D

JeffyDaKilla VIP R.I.P Sehun I changed my IGN also I have V.I.P Now xD
ropeit AElite Did not even realize this raffle was still going on xD
Zaloon Noble Well that explains a lot

Staff Applications Are Open!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Sep 8, 16

Staff Applications are now open! We are so happy to announce that and I hope you guys know, we've been thinking about doing this for awhile. Anyways, as staff applications have opened, we have changed things in the staff applications system and in the way Trial-Mods work and get promoted. For example, all staff can vote and it is majority accepted, not one denied you're gone. Also, when and if you become a Trial-Mod, you will get a Mentor that will be a Moderator or Admin to help you and be your guide to staffing on Darkcrest Bending Server.

Anyways, don't forget to check out the following links!


Click me to see the new staff process!

Click me to see the staff application's rules and guidelines!

Artist Applications Open!

Jacksonnn ACo-Owner posted Aug 29, 16

Hello all, 

I'm back with another announcement! This time around, the Artist Applications are open, and Head-Artist/Moderator Lgead has something to say about the Artist Applications.

Hello! Artist Applications are open again! There has been a change in how the artist team will run -- staff will now be screened before they build, but will not take up artist spots. That means there are 6 aditional spots open! Apply on the forums and just have fun with it. Be creative! Hope to see you on the Artist Team!

Head-Artist/Moderator, Lgead

That means that the Artist Applications are opened, and Staff can technically be Artists, but will not take up a spot. Anyways, Good Luck!


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